This time of year brings a unique opportunity when exploring the outdoors in Hope. Witnessing salmon spawning at Sucker’s Creek is an extraordinary experience. And with its accessible trail, it’s an enjoyable activity for all ages!

Sucker’s Creek is a minor tributary of the Coquihalla River, which flows out of Kawkawa Lake. Typically Pink, Chum and Coho Salmon can be found here, depending on the spawning season for each species. The creek provides ideal spawning grounds with its upwelling currents and gravel bottom, which the salmon use to create their redds (nests) to bury their eggs.

To access Sucker’s Creek for salmon viewing, turn left just over the bridge on Kawkawa Lake Road, onto Union Bar Road, where you will make a right turn after the bend into the parking lot of Thacker Regional Park. Cross Union Bar Road at the crosswalk and follow the 1km trail, peering over from the bridges along the way to view the salmon.

Head to our Sucker’s Creek listing for a map and more information!