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As winter brings a delightful blanket of snow to our landscapes, there is something for everyone to enjoy from outdoor adventure to cozy evenings in. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive guide for how you can get the most out of winter in Hope, Cascades & Canyons!

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Outdoor Adventure


Here are just a couple of the many hikes you should check out in our area during the winter:

Dragon’s Back Trail

A new trail in town, this trail is rated moderate and will take you on winding paths in the beautiful forests of Hope to an incredible view of the Silver Creek neighbourhood, the Fraser River, and several forest-covered mountains of the surrounding area.

Windy Joe Trail

A popular destination of Manning Park all year round, this trail is also great for snowshoeing due to what you’ll find at the top!

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Alpine Skiing/Snowboarding

Wax your skis or board, sharpen your edges, and hit the slopes of Manning Park! Carve through Manning Park’s high-quality snow on one of their many powder days!

Cross Country Skiing

Manning Park is also packed with cross country ski trails where you can make your way through their beautiful landscapes at a leisurely rate to make sure you take in all the beauty!


Rocket down the exciting tubing slopes of Manning Park’s Polar Coaster Tube Park and ride the rope tow back up to the top!

Indoor Activities

Grab a bite to eat

Somewhere Else Cafe
27052 Baker

Hanky’s Family Restaurant
821 6th Avenue B

Warm-up with a hot drink

Hope Mountain Cafe
293 Wallace Street

Blue Moose Coffee House
322 Wallace Street

Have a fun night out

Silver Chalice Pub
19974 Silverview Road

Mountainview Brewing Co.
390 Old Hope Princeton Way

Holiday Shopping

The Garden House
52905 Yale Rd

Artisan’s Attic and Fudgery
326 Wallace Street

Exploring Safely

Winter in Hope, Cascades & Canyons is an exciting time with a plethora of fun things to do! But, it’s important to remember that adventuring in our area in the winter requires a few extra safety measures. Here are our safe travel tips for winter in Hope, Cascades & Canyons:

Driving in the Winter

Safe driving practices in winter conditions

  • Use the weather forecast, DriveBC Map, and/or webcams to check driving conditions.
  • Do not use cruise control. Keep both hands on the wheel as much as possible and be alert.
  • Remember to slow down and give extra time to reach your destination so that you are not rushing.
  • Try to anticipate when there is a stop coming up so that you can slow down gradually.
  • Steer and accelerate smoothly and precisely to avoid skidding.


Highway 1, 3 and 5 require winter tires from October 1 to April 30th. Tires with the 3 peaked mountain logo are ideal for winter weather. At a minimum, your tires must have the “M+S” symbol on them.

Emergency Kit

Your vehicle should always have an emergency kit in it, especially in the winter. Follow this link to the Emergency Car Kit page from the Government of Canada website for more info on what to pack in yours.

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What to Wear


Dressing in layers is the best way to stay cozy and comfortable in our outdoor weather.

On your top and bottom half, we recommend three layers: base, mid and outer. Your base layer should be long sleeve/full leg length and be thin, warm, and fitted to wick away sweat. Your mid-layer should be a thicker, warmer material (not cotton) that is a little looser for ease of removal. Your outer layer should be wind, waterproof, and easily removable as well.


Be sure to have warm socks, gloves, a scarf/neckwarmer, and a warm hat that covers your ears. Make sure that your socks wick away moisture.


Proper footwear is an essential part of winter preparedness. You’ll want to find a proper balance of comfort, warmth, breathability, and obviously, style.


For additional grip, purchase a set of spikes/crampons. They’re small and lightweight, making them easy to pack along on any adventure in our area.

What to Pack

Here are ten essentials that you should have with you when exploring our outdoor areas

  1. Navigation (fully charged phone or GPS)
  2. Flashlight/Headlamp
  3. Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)
  4. First Aid
  5. Tools (Duct tape, multitool, and a digging tool)
  6. Fire building kit
  7. Tarp (for a makeshift shelter)
  8. Food & Water
  9. Extra Clothes
  10. Whistle

Hope Outdoors

Our local experts at Hope Outdoors provide expert knowledge and advice as well as a great selection of outdoor recreation products. Stop in, stock up, and learn more about outdoor equipment and clothing! Check out the link below to learn more about Hope Outdoors!

Hope Outdoors

Other Things to Remember

Know Your Limits

Explore within your own comfort zone and abilities. Be sure to study trails and their reviews before you venture out.

Know Before you Go

It’s important, especially in the winter, to have all the details of your adventure planned out before you go. Check the weather ahead of time, right before you go, and frequently during your adventure as it can change quickly.

Give wildlife a respectful amount of space to avoid any dangerous interactions. Check out our Bear Aware blog for more information on handling bear encounters as safely as possible.

Be Bear Aware

Additional Resources

Adventure Smart Winter Safety Guide

Avalanche Map

BC Tire and Chain Requirements

Emergency Car Kit

Gorgeous snow-covered landscapes and exciting winter activities await you in Hope, Cascades & Canyons! Now that you’ve read our guide and are ready to get the most out of our winter, we can’t wait to see all the fun things you’ll do! Be sure to tag us at @tourismhcc and use our hashtag, #ExploreHCC, so that we can see the adventures that you take!