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⚠️ TRAIL ADVISORY | BC Parks is experiencing extreme level of visitors to the Golden Larches on Mount Frosty (EC Manning Provincial Park). Visitors coming to the park on weekends are advised that parking could be several KM walk from the trailhead. Visitors are highly recommended to visit on the weekdays and arrive early in the morning. Please also remember:

  • Please stay on the trail. Walking off designated trails can cause irreparable damage to the plants and soil growing where you set foot.
  • Practice social distancing. Keep yourselves and your fellow hikers safe by staying 2 meters apart.
  • Leave the drone at home. It is illegal to operate a drone in a Provincial Park unless you have explicit permission from BC Parks.
  • Camping on Mt. Frosty is only available in designated areas either Frosty Creek Wilderness Campsite (Lightning Lake side) or Pacific Crest Trail Wilderness Campsite (Windy Joe side). Camping in the larches is illegal.
  • Visit BC Parks website before your visit
  • Pack in / pack out – leave no trace.
Mount Frosty is a difficult hike, whether traveling to the larch plateau or beyond. There are various components to pay caution to when planning your next trip including:
  • Cell service is unavailable. Bringing a PLB, or emergency beacon is recommended.
  • The hike takes approximately 8 hours and is an out-and-back trail with little resources available on the mountain, as well as the possibility of drastic climate changes.
  • Come prepared with food, water, additional layers, and emergency supplies.
  • The trail winds through environmentally sensitive areas, so please stay on the trail and keep pets leashed at all times. – Wildlife may be present.

To learn more visit BC Parks and AdventureSmart.ca.

Be Bear Aware

“What are larch trees? They are one of the only coniferous, deciduous trees. This means the needles on this tree change colour seasonally and fall off. At the end of September to early October, the 2000+ year-old larch trees on Mt Frosty turn electric yellow and are truly a sight to behold! The trees are now in full ‘golden bloom’ and it is prime time to hike up the mountain to see them in all their glory. Don’t wait too long, as the trees will start dropping their needles mid-October.” 📷 by Jessica Kyle 🗩 by Manning Park Resort

“8km hike with 2km of elevation gain to the larch meadow – worth it 👌🏼” 📷 + 🗩  by @vince.cr

“The larch trees had just begun to turn golden-yellow and the hike felt like the first sip of a PSL at the start of fall. 🍂🍁” 📷 + 🗩  by @hirschkind

“Frosty Mountain Golden Larches” 📷 + 🗩  by @bc_mountain_man

“Are you heading to the mountains to see the golden larches? It’s time to hike Mt Frosty in the next few weeks to see these amazing deciduous coniferous trees, with needles that turn yellow seasonally before falling off.” 📷 + 🗩  by @manningpark

“No wonder this trail gets so many hiker[s] this time of the year…” 📷 + 🗩  by @joel.pix

“These trees are a golden yellow for only a few weeks a year…” 📷 + 🗩 by @kenny_hagen

For more information stop by the Hope Visitor Centre.

Mount Frosty Trail Information