Seeking adventure? You’ll find it in Hope’s wild and wondrous terrain! Alive with mighty rivers, scattered with sparkling lakes, and thick with expansive forestland, our breathtaking mountain town is the ultimate setting for outdoor enthusiasts. In 2013, a local couple named Lily and Daniel recognized a need in Hope’s marketplace: they knew this outdoor paradise would benefit greatly from an outdoor store, and with some big dreams and a lot of work, Hope Outdoors was born. Seven years later, the store has flourished into a favourite for locals and visitors alike. There are countless reasons you’ll want to shop here, but let’s have a look at the TOP FIVE reasons to shop at Hope Outdoors!


Before your adventure begins, it’s vital to be prepared, making Hope Outdoors a great first stop on your journey. Here you’ll find a treasure trove of items for both adults and children that will help you get the very best outdoor experience. This outdoor store is very large and well stocked, something you’d expect in a bigger marketplace. You’ll find an incredibly wide range of products: survival and emergency equipment, knives, tools, flashlights and lanterns, cookware, fishing gear (and licenses), hunting gear (and tags), gold panning equipment, camping gear, apparel, maps/guidebooks, and so much more. Customers regularly travel from all over the lower mainland to shop Hope Outdoors because their great selection, quality products, and low prices are unparalleled. And, there’s something about the warmth, personal touch, and pride you’ll find inside a locally owned business that you won’t find in a big-box store.


Having been part of Hope’s community for many years, Lily and Daniel are experts on recommending the best products for your ultimate Hope adventure. Wondering where to fish and what lures to use? They have the inside information, and they are well versed on provincial rules and regulations for fishing and hunting. They carry a multitude of products befitting of this region: rainy season in Hope, Cascades & Canyons calls for rain gear, and they carry many options such as rain hats, ponchos, jackets and full rain suits. They even carry water-resistant writing pads! After a disc (frisbee) golf range opened in Hope in 2019, they began to carry a full line of discs for the popular sport. The Fraser River (only steps away from the shop), has a long history with gold mining and panning and you can try this unique activity for yourself: Hope Outdoors carries a large array of gold pans, how-to books, sluice boxes, mining kits, and more! Plus, they can give you tips and advice on where panning is permitted. In fall, hunting is a popular activity in the area, and Hope Outdoors is a one-stop shop for hunting gear. Check out their extensive selection of ammo, hunting knives, binoculars, and handy multi-tools. Owner Daniel designed their signature hunting knife called the “Ghost Bear”, crafted of top-grade steel with a Desert Iron wood handle. If you’re going into the backwoods, they can offer advice on destinations, as well as guidebooks, maps, camp stoves, dehydrated food packs, water filtration systems, and safety items such as emergency blankets, bear spray, bear bangers, airhorns, compasses, and hand-crank lanterns, radios, and flashlights.


Something you’ll observe right away is the top quality of merchandise that Hope Outdoors carries. Much of the outerwear features high-tech fabrics for breathability and warmth, waterproof seams to keep you dry and high durability that’s built to last. From fishing rods and reels, to cast iron cookware and knives with strong steel blades, you’ll find the common thread of the products is high quality! Be sure to browse their beautiful selection of thick wool jackets, wool socks, and fair-trade, hand-made Nepalese wool hats.


You’ll feel welcome the moment you step into this warm and inviting shop. Shelves are neatly organized and fully stocked, and Lily is always happy to lend a helping hand to find the products you need. Visit a few times, and Lily will remember you, making it feel more like you’re visiting a friend than shopping. The incredible service is on display with a quick search of google reviews, filled with terms such as “super friendly”, “amazing service”, “friendly and helpful” and “kind owners”.  Visit once, and you’ll agree!


Hope Outdoors is a haven for anglers and is encircled by a bounty of lakes and rivers. Any gear you’ll need to catch “the big one” is always fully stocked here, right from the first stage of buying your fishing license, to the knives you’ll need to filet your catch, and everything in between. Both adult and child size rods, along with reels, nets, fishing line and weights, jigs, spinners, spoons, soft plastic baits, plugs, spinnerbait, flies and so much more are available year-round. With many anglers coming in for supplies on a regular basis, Hope Outdoors has become the fishing headquarters for Hope, Cascades and Canyons, where you’ll run into other anglers, chat and compare notes about favourite lakes and good fishing spots, and trade stories about the one that got away. This marvelous shop has a warm sense of community.

Whatever outdoor activity you choose, whether on land or water, Hope Outdoors will get you geared and ready for your best adventure yet! Located at 259 Wallace Street, Downtown Hope, phone 604-860-0300. Visit the Hope Visitor Centre to learn more.

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