Soaring & Gliding in Hope, BC

Some of the most exciting activities in Hope BC are hang gliding and soaring. As the weather warms up in Hope watch the sky and you’ll see the soon familiar sight of glider planes, hang gliders and small aircraft.


Hope BC offers some of the best conditions for gliding (also known as soaring) in the province. When the westerly winds from the Fraser Valley hit the local mountains, and in particular Mount Hope, they create strong upward columns of air which can keep a glider in flight for up to 6 or 7 hours. This is why the Vancouver Soaring Association (VSA) has made FVRD Regional Airpark (Hope) their home-base for gliding/soaring. The VSA also offers gliding lessons.

VSA Website

FVRD Regional Airpark (Hope)

The FVRD Regional Airpark (Hope) is located at 62724 Airport Road and is owned and operated by the Fraser Valley Regional District. It boasts one of the best turf runways in the world.Facilities and Services 

  • Flight centre and observation deck
  • Waiting area and washrooms
  • Aviation fuel available
  • Automated aviation fuel dispensing system
  • Land leases
  • Tie downs available
  • Camping “under the wing”
  • Gliding membership and lessons available from Vancouver Soaring Association

For more information contact:

  • Milly Marshall, Director of Recreation, Culture, and Airpark Services
    at 604-869-2304 or by email:
  • General Inquiries (FVRD Regional Airpark) at 604-869-2819