Hell’s Gate. An iconic part of our area due to both its scenery and history. Come ride the airtram over the Mighty Fraser and experience flight over the tumultuous rapids where 200 million gallons per minute flow through an incredibly narrow section of the Fraser River. Once across, wander freely and learn the extensive history of Hell’s Gate and the surrounding area. Scattered around are several spots to read up on what made Hell’s Gate what it is today as well as intriguing displays and a movie theatre which plays fun shorts teaching visitors about Hell’s Gate’s and the Fraser River’s history. If you’re feeling like stopping for lunch or a snack, take in the incredible view over your meal at Simon’s Café. Or, if you’re more interested in satisfying your sweet tooth, check out the candy shop and the famous Fudge Factory!

Come explore Hell’s Gate today on your way up the Fraser Canyon. Click the button below for directions!

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