Hope was originally known as Ts’qo:ls by Sto:lo community who have lived in Hope for thousands of years. In 1808 Simon Fraser with the Hudson’s Bay Company scouting trails and sites for fur trade posts which lead to the construction of Fort Hope in 1848. Hope was incorporated as a village in 1929 and became a town in 1965, which was later reincorporated as the District of Hope in 1992. Today we are a small mountain town that connects the Fraser Canyon and the Fraser Valley. We are a hub for outdoor activities and adventures. Check out this list of 12 things you need to experience when you visit the Hope, Cascades & Canyons region!

1. REO Rafting Resort

Located in the Nahatlatch River Valley the REO Rafting & Yoga resort offers an unparalleled outdoor experience!


2. Hope Mountain Trail

The First Viewpoint is 450 meters above Hope!


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3. The Fraser River

The Spring melt rises the level of our rivers bringing a whole new view of the surrounding area.

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4. Schkam Lake / Lake of the Woods

Most know this as Lake of the Woods but it’s actual name is Schkam Lake which is derived from the Halq̓eméylem word Sqàm which translates to calm water.

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5. The Dark Sky Highway

The night sky is as mysterious as it is stunning, especially when viewed in our prime star gazing conditions.

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6. Coquihalla Summit

The Coquihalla Summit Recreation Area is home to stunning views like this, as seen from Yak Peak – a steep, granite peak on the Zopkios Ridge.

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7. Coquihalla River

The Coquihalla rivers name comes from the Halq̓eméylem word Kw’ikw’iyá:la which means “stingy place”. Stó:lō oral history speaks of a pool near the mouth of what is now known as the Coquihalla River named named Skw’éxwe, where they would go to spear suckerfish. The story tells of the underwater people named s’ó:lmexw who would grab the spears, preventing fish from being caught.

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8. Manning Park Resort

The snow is falling the mountains are calling!

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Manning Park Alpine Ski Area

Hit the slopes at Manning Park Resort for one of your best days of the ski season!

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9. Thacker Marsh

Embraced by stunning mountain views all around and beautiful wildlife within, Thacker Marsh in Hope is a sparkling little gem!

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10. Hell’s Gate Airtram

A trip to Hope, Cascades & Canyons is not complete without a visit to Hell’s Gate Airtram! This fully suspended gondola that brings down into the Fraser Canyon where you can visit the village below and cross the suspension bridge giving you some of the most incredible views of the Fraser Canyon. (Currently closed due to Covid-19 please visit their website for opening dates)

11. Cascade Mountain Range

The stunning mountain terrain surrounding Hope provides endless opportunities for winter exploring, snowshoeing, skiing, and snowmobiling, all while basking in spectacular, panoramic views!

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12. Historic Alexandra Suspension Bridge

There is nothing quite like a visit to this Historic Bridge in the Fraser Canyon.

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Looking for more inspiration for you future visit to Hope? Visit our PLAN YOU TRIP page for more ideas!

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