Gold Panning

Gold panning is still prevalent in Hope, BC! Experience is not necessary to get started, though doing some research before you head out is wise. Contact Yukon Dan for expert advice. A section of land along the shore of the Fraser River is reserved for recreational gold panning (from the Fraser River bridge to the convergence of the Fraser and Coquihalla rivers). The Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources for British Columbia has designed maps of these reserves. Below are links to the Hope reserve map and the Yale reserve map.

Yukon Dan Website


There isn’t a lot of equipment needed for gold planning. You just need a gold pan, shovel and an optional screening device to classify the gravel down to 5mm in size to make panning a bit easier.
Note: Recreational panning is restricted to hand pans, hand shovels, and metal detectors.


Hope Gold Mining Reserve Map

Gold Panning for Beginners

Want to try out gold panning without buying the pan? Visit The Hell’s Gate Airtram where they have an awesome gold panning setup to test your skills before you try the real thing! Or, stay at the Ward Guest House in Yale where gold pans can be used at the public beach during your stay!