At this time, we are experiencing fast changing travel conditions with limited notice on the highways leaving Hope. This is due to the various wildfires that are occurring near Highways 1, 3, and 5. It is strongly advised that you refer to Drive BC’s website and Twitter while travelling throughout BC to ensure your route is open and safe.

Please also be advised that our mountain communities are surrounded by forest which puts them at extreme risk. While travelling into rural areas in BC, please use caution and do your part to prevent wildfires from occurring. This includes not smoking in flammable areas, disposing of cigarettes properly, ensuring your car is well maintained when driving over flammable areas, not using fireworks, and reporting any situations where the risk of fire is present. To make sure that you are prepared for possible delays or closures, travel with a full tank of gas, food, water and other emergency supplies.

Remember, visiting restricted areas, or communities that have evacuated is strictly prohibited by law for your safety. To ensure you do not impede firefighting efforts, do not stop along the highway. Travel directly to your destination.

Together we can lower the risks and effects of wildfires by increasing awareness during these months of extreme wildfire risk.