Enjoy a spectacular journey along this historical non-motorized Hudson’s Bay Company Brigade Trail of 1849. This trail, used by the First Nations people, Hudson Bay Fur Traders and gold seekers, is rated moderate and is not recommended for the inexperienced or weak knees. The whole route is about 74 km long when travelling from Peers Creek/HBC Trail recreation site trailhead (Hope side access) and exiting at the Tulameen Plateau, west of Princeton. The trail will take you over old logging roads that go through old-growth timber areas where you will discover many new trails and improvements that have surfaced throughout the years.

If you’re one for camping there are now a lot of designated campsites available along this trail, making it popular for those multi-night excursions. If you’re up for a little hike, there are some major elevation gains to take advantage of. To add another unexpected and fun twist to this trail, travel horseback along designated areas such as Horse Corral.