If you’ve travelled the #1 highway between Hope and Chilliwack, chances are you’ve noticed the vast network of off-road tracks and trails that is Popkum Motor Park. And what you see from the highway is just the tip of the iceberg: this impressive 100-acre facility provides extensive riding areas for all skill levels and styles of off-roading. Not only does it feature thrilling motocross tracks, you’ll find a 10-acre endurocross park, training areas, over 30 kilometres of trails, a full-service shop, rentals, lessons, camping and much more!


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Popkum’s tracks are second to none, and exactly what you want in motocross: their wide and long tracks give you loads of room to ride! Regularly groomed and built to withstand punishment, their tracks have been designed to ensure good drainage during rainy periods and excellent traction in all conditions. Check out their great variety of tracks, perfect for getting your “braaap” on!


Riders have a blast on this huge, pro-caliber, motocross track full of heart-racing jumps, heart-stopping drops, and fun wide bowl turns that really get the dirt flying. Changing elevation and a variety of step ups and tabletops crank the fun level up to the max. Safety is always priority one, so during busy times, flaggers are on course to ensure there are no collisions.


This smaller motocross track is intended for beginner riders and smaller bikes. It provides safe, controlled surroundings for inexperienced riders to learn on, and for parents to spend time with their kids, helping them improve their skills.


This ten-acre park is one of Canada’s largest endurocross parks and is Popkum’s most challenging track to ride. It includes jumps and obstacles like rocks, logs, and ledges. This one is for the more experienced rider, but includes the reassurance of having an “out”: if you aren’t comfortable trying an obstacle, you are able to safely zip around each one.


Tucked into a hillside below the Training Compound, you’ll find the world-class trials obstacles. Climb up and over logs and boulders or ride the creek bed. This is a fun way to improve and test your technical skills.


The training areas are huge open areas that provide a safe learning environment away from the other tracks. This is specifically designed to train new riders. Various drills are set up with training features around the perimeter, such as logs, turns, and a small hill for learning to climb and do jumps.


Popkum Park is designed for everyone to enjoy, and that’s evident in the unique Family Loop: a 2.5km long trail that encircles the park. It’s an easy, wide trail perfect for learning and getting comfortable on a bike, and a great way for families to go for a ride together. For those that are more experienced and want  an adrenaline rush, there are over 30 kilometres worth of intermediate to difficult trails that head up the mountain.

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Does your dirt bike or ATV need a tune-up or maintenance? You don’t have to worry about hauling it off to a shop: there’s a full-service mechanical shop right on-site! From quick tire fixes to full-on troubleshooting and repairs, they’ve got you covered with reasonable shop rates.


Popkum Motorsports is constantly making improvements to enhance your enjoyment and experience. There’s a track office on-site for purchasing passes, booking lessons and rentals, or to answer any questions you may have. There are also amenities like bleachers (if you prefer to be a spectator, not a rider), clean port-a-potties, a playground for the kids, and the newest addition: member showers to rinse away dirt and mud so you won’t be bringing it home with you! Bike wash stations let you clean off your bike for a low cost, and if you’re a bike owner tired of hauling your bike back and forth to the tracks, you can leave your bike there in fully insured storage— they rent by the night, week, month or year!


No dirt bike? No problem! Renting a bike is actually a great way to find out what bike suits you. They rent off-road motorcycles, from trail bikes to trial bikes and race bikes; ATVs; as well as gear. Rent complete sets or individual items like boots, helmets, gloves, goggles, pads, braces, and more.


Are you just learning to ride or wanting to hone your skills? Maybe you want to get the whole family into the sport? Whether in a small group, or one-on-one, professional instructors will help you learn the sport and  improve your skills. Learn in a comfortable and large training area away from the track. Motocross lessons, trail riding/enduro lessons, or trials lessons can be tailored to suit your needs.


Camping is available from Thursday to Sunday during the summer season. Stay in the campground, nestled in the hillside behind the tracks, and beat everyone out to the track in the  morning. Unserviced sites are $15/night, or for $50/night you’ll have access to water fill-up, generator rentals, and a sani-dump. Camping is available first-come, first served, or reserve your spot by calling 778-255-7433, or by emailing.

Try motocross once and you’ll be hooked! It’s a great way to get the whole family out for some exhilarating fun. To learn more about Popkum Motor Park or other activities and amenities in our region, visit Hope, Cascades and Canyons.

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