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⚠️ TRAIL ADVISORY | BC Parks is experiencing extreme level of visitors to the Golden Larches on Mount Frosty (EC Manning Provincial Park). Visitors coming to the park on weekends are advised that parking could be several KM walk from the trailhead. Visitors are highly recommended to visit on the weekdays and arrive early in the morning. Please also remember:

  • Please stay on the trail. Walking off designated trails can cause irreparable damage to the plants and soil growing where you set foot.
  • Practice social distancing. Keep yourselves and your fellow hikers safe by staying 2 meters apart.
  • Leave the drone at home. It is illegal to operate a drone in a Provincial Park unless you have explicit permission from BC Parks.
  • Camping on Mt. Frosty is only available in designated areas either Frosty Creek Wilderness Campsite (Lightning Lake side) or Pacific Crest Trail Wilderness Campsite (Windy Joe side). Camping in the larches is illegal.
  • Visit BC Parks website before your visit: http://bcparks.ca/explore/parkpgs/ecmanning/frosty.html
  • Pack in / pack out – leave no trace.
Mount Frosty is a difficult hike, whether travelling to the larch plateau or beyond. There are various components to pay caution to when planning your next trip including:
  • Cell service is unavailable. Bringing a PLB, or emergency beacon, is recommended.
  • The hike takes approximately 8 hours and is an out-and-back trail with little resources available on the mountain, as well as the possibility of drastic climate changes.
  • Come prepared with food, water, additional layers, and emergency supplies.
  • The trail winds through environmentally sensitive areas, so please stay on the trail and keep pets leashed at all times. – Wildlife may be present.

To learn more visit BC Parks and AdventureSmart.ca.

A classic hike up Manning Provincial Park’s highest mountain.

Statistics (Entire Loop):
Total Distance: 27.5 km (return)
Estimated Time: Unknown
Average Grade: 8.8%
Structure: Loop – Complete
Elevation Gain: 1206 m
Start Elevation: 1202 m
Max Elevation: 2408 m

(From Lightning Lake)
Total Distance: 22.2 km (return)
Estimated Time: 9 hours
Average Grade: 10.4%
Structure: Linear – Return
Elevation Gain: 1158 m
Start Elevation: 1250 m
Max Elevation: 2408 m

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(From Windy Joe Trail)
Total Distance: 29.0 km (return)
Estimated Time: Unknown
Average Grade: 8.3%
Structure: Linear – Return
Elevation Gain: 1206 m
Start Elevation: 1202 m
Max Elevation: 2408 m

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GPS Waypoints:
Lightning Lake Loop Trailhead // N49.06282 W120.82590 10U 658814 5436716
Concrete Bridge // N49.06224 W120.82487 10U 658891 5436654
Lightning Lake Loop / Frosty Mountain Junction // N49.06085 W120.82432 10U 658935 5436500
Start of Meadowy Area // N49.03930 W120.82819 10U 658721 5434097
Frosty Creek Campsite // N49.03079 W120.83025 10U 658598 5433147
Start of Larches // N49.02699 W120.82994 10U 658633 5432725
Start of Talus // N49.01401 W120.83235 10U 658498 5431277
Loop Trail Junction // N49.01163 W120.83175 10U 658549 5431014
Eastern Summit // N49.01066 W120.83762 10U 658123 5430894
Windy Joe / Frosty Mountain Junction // N49.04779 W120.76435 10U 663359 5435176
Similkameen Trail / Windy Joe Junction // N49.05766 W120.77550 10U 662512 5436249
Second Bridge // N49.05846 W120.77771 10U 662348 5436333
First Bridge // N49.06046 W120.78945 10U 661484 5436531
Similkameen Trailhead // N49.06366 W120.79935 10U 660750 5436865

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