With fall’s arrival, summer’s hot days and busy bee-hive of activity naturally give way to a slower pace, cooler temperatures, and, like a familiar friend, the return of a west-coast wonder here in HCC: magical, mystical fog! Like a silent ghost, it glides in and wraps our mountain communities in an ethereal embrace. It rises through towering forests and floats above crystal waterways, transforming and softening the landscape with dream-like, other-worldly ambience. The foggy season makes up such a substantial part of our fall and winter months, we think it’s worth celebrating! We invite you to join us this November for the inaugural celebration of FOG FEST in Hope, Cascades & Canyons!

What is Fog Fest?

Fog Fest is the first festival of its kind in HCC: it’s a celebration of all the enchanting beauty and wonder this foggy season brings; a chance to see familiar surroundings in a different light. Fog’s ability to dramatically change scenery gives rise to artistic inspiration – and is a photographer’s dream! Bring your camera, explore and capture Insta-worthy scenes! Foggy, tranquil days are the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the serenity of nature, then indulge in all things cozy, like enjoying your favourite comfort food in a welcoming restaurant or pub. Even better, listening to live music while you’re at it! These are just a few ideas to take part in foggy festivities, you’ll find even more below!

Live Music

HCC will be bumpin’ with a fantastic variety of live music shows during Fog Fest! Here are the shows that you can cozy up at this November:

Nov 4th @9:00 pm – Stan Giles Band (free admission) @ Silver Chalice 

Nov 11th @9:00 pm – Dog Daze (free admission) @ Silver Chalice 

Nov 18th @9:00 pm – Rock or Bust AC/DC Tribute Band @ Silver Chalice 

Nov 24th @7:00 pm – The Unbranded (free admission) Mountainview Brewing Co.

Nov 24th @9:00 pm – Sanctuary X (free admission) @ Silver Chalice 

Nov 25th @9:00 pm – Sanctuary X (free admission) @ Silver Chalice 

Nov 30th @7pm – 9pm – Valdy @ Blue Moose Coffee House

Full Fog Fest Event Schedule

Cozy Eats

Our small mountain town offers huge choices in dining! From cozy cafes, to warm diners, to the social breweries and pubs, you and other foodies will have a full stomach and a smile on your face throughout your stay! Check out the links below for cozy restaurants and must-eat dishes in HCC!

HCC’s Cozy Restaurants


There’s so much to see and do during Fog Fest, why not settle in and stay a while? Find your picture-perfect, comfy getaway from our incredible array of accommodations, suitable for every taste and budget. Check out our accommodations blog by clicking the button below!


Fog Photography

Fog’s moody and ethereal beauty is a photographer’s dream! As it floats and changes form, it offers unique and unpredictable results, transforming a landscape within moments. It offers the opportunity to capture one of a kind imagery, as well as offering an otherworldly, mysterious quality and  dreamy feeling to your photos. Fog scatters sunlight and acts as a natural light diffuser, casting a soft illumination. There are countless spots to capture your own magical, mystical and foggy photographic masterpiece! Here are a few suggestions for places to capture truly stunning foggy photos:

Highway Rest Stops – HCC has an incredible network of scenic highways. These routes are flanked by towering mountains that, at this time of year, host stunning fog! Just be sure to use designated pull-outs and rest stops to make sure that you are parked safely before capturing the views. We recommend checking out these highways:

  • Highway 1 – Into the Fraser Canyon
  • Highway 3 – Towards Manning Park
  • Highway 5 – Up the Coquihalla and into the Cascade Mountains
  • Highway 7 – Along Scenic Route 7

The Town of Hope – Even from the sidewalks of Downtown, you’ll spot incredible foggy views among the towering mountains that surround our town! Another great spot for fog viewing is Centennial Park, which puts you right between Downtown Hope and the Fraser River.

Lady Franklin’s Rock – Found in Yale, the Lady Franklin’s Rock sits in the Fraser River and the viewpoint is neighboured by a 180-degree view of massive mountains!

Alexandra Bridge – this grand, historical bridge spans the mighty Fraser River, with fog silently rising and enveloping the surrounding mountains and forest, making for dramatic, Insta-worthy snaps.

Feeling inspired to capture your own photographs of the fog? Check out the two blogs below! Get inspired by viewing our Fog Photography Collection to see some of our favourite fog photos, and read our Best Fog Viewing Spots to know where to go to capture your own foggy pictures!

where we highlight some of our favourite pics so far. We’d love to see what you capture, so tag your photos with #ExploreHCC to share them with us!

Best Fog Viewing Spots
Fog Photography Tips
Creating Foggy Time-Lapse Videos
Fog Photography Collection

Photo: @court.explores_ on Instagram

Hiking into the Fog

Throughout HCC, tons of hikes will take you right into the fog and situate you among majestic scenes of mist and beauty. Use the buttons below to help inspire your fog-seeking treks whether you’re a trail beginner or expert!

Easy Hikes in HCC
Challenging Hikes in HCC

Health, Wellness, & Beauty

November is the perfect time of the year to rest and relax! Take some time for you at one of these local health and beauty services!

Spa 6 Tanning & Wellness – Receive 15% off select services and products when you mention “Foggy Days”

Willow Tree Spa

Bliss Beauty Lounge