Hope Fraser River Boat Launch:
Steep and rough dirt launch.
Limited Parking – DO NOT PARK on private property

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Bulger Road Fraser River Boat Launch:
Rough dirt launch.
Park on the right side ONLY.
DO NOT PARK on Shxw’Ow’Hamel First Nation lands.

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Boating on the Fraser River can be very dangerous. This ever-changing river’s level and flow fluctuates with the seasons and features whirlpools, strong currents and undertow. You must know and respect the river and be alert and knowledgeable about river features. This, as well as making sure your boat and motor are suitable and powerful enough for the Fraser, will lower your risk of an accident. If you don’t understand the risk of boating or launching your boat on the Fraser River, please don’t launch your boat. Avoid boating during high water, as during this time you can experience swift currents and river debris such as large, heavy branches and even entire trees. Always be watchful for sand bars, hidden rocks, and floating debris at any time of the year. Use these boat launches at your own risk.

For training about boating on the Fraser River, you can participate in the Fraser River Jet Boat Seminars with Vic Carrao of STS Guiding Service. Contact them for upcoming seminars.

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