The ruggedly wild and dramatic landscape of HCC draws in visitors from around the planet every summer. But if you visit in the late autumn months, you’ll see the incredible landscape through a different lens! Fog can add depth and texture to a scene, softening edges and providing a moody ambience. From delicate, gauzy ribbons of fog hanging on tree branches, to thick fog rising like clouds above waterways, it envelops the landscape in a mysterious and alluring beauty. Wondering where the best spots are for taking in visually striking scenes? We’ve compiled some of our favourite fog-viewing locations below!

Thacker Marsh. Photo by: @says_ari on Instagram

Best Fog Viewing Spots in Hope

Do you prefer to drive up to a foggy viewing location, or immerse yourself in the mystical ambience of a foggy day on a hike that feels like walking through clouds? However you want to experience it, and no matter your physical abilities, there are seemingly infinite settings to blanket yourself fog’s spellbinding aura! Whether watching eagles soar out of the rising mist in the rocky depths of the Fraser Canyon, to watching as diffused, fog-filtered light casts sunrays on alpine meadows, you’ll fall in love with HCC in a whole new way! Check out some of our favourite fog-viewing locations!

Lightning Lake. Photo by @bloodsweatcarbs on Instagram

Venture Outside of Hope

Winding along the Fraser River up Highway 7 and carving through the mountains of the Fraser Canyon:

Climbing high into the Cascade Mountains along the Coquihalla Highway:

Cruising along the Crowsnest Highway to Manning Park:

Riding Highway 1 West into Hope: 

We hope we’ve given you some foggy destination inspiration! Be sure to pack your camera and bundle up before you head out. Need help planning your next HCC visit? Stop by our Visitor Centre at 919 Water Street. Spark your imagination for future HCC adventures by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok!

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