Everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy the enrichment that travel and adventure brings, regardless of physical or mental challenges, disabilities, or age. Accessibility provides the benefits of social inclusion and immersion to a range of experiences that spark inspiration, joy, and a better quality of life. It is much more than just removing physical barriers, but includes providing access to information, products and services, and the inclusion of all people with a diverse range of disabilities. In Hope, Cascades & Canyons, we are dedicated to creating a destination that is inclusive to all. Read on for examples of the spaces and places that everyone, regardless of ability, can enjoy.

For Those with Mobility Impairment

Among all the wonderful views in Hope, Cascades & Canyons, here are a few that you can drive right up to!

Cascade Lookout: Take a ride along the gorgeous Highway 3 and find this lookout just across from Manning Park Resort! Take a short drive up the windy road to be rewarded with some of the best mountain views our region has to offer!

Jackass Mountain Summit: At 1184 feet of elevation, this view of the Fraser Canyon allows you to easily admire the Mighty Fraser River as it winds its way between towering mountains!

Hope Slide: On your way to Manning Park and the Cascade Lookout, you’ll definitely want to make a stop here! This view shows the shocking scale of the second-largest landslide ever recorded in Canada.

Photo credit: Concerts in the Park – Hope BC on Facebook

For Those with Visual Impairments

Here are a couple of activities in our region that are more fitting for the visually impaired as the beauty is in the music!

Concerts in the Park: Every Friday evening this July and August, there will be a free concert right in Memorial Park! Bring your favourite blanket, your comfiest folding chair, and feel the warm summer breeze as you listen to wonderful local artists! Follow their socials to see the line-up!

Concerts at the Hope Cinema: On occasion, the near centurion Hope Cinema hosts live music shows with a great variety of genres! Check out their socials to find out about any upcoming shows!

For Those with Hearing Impairments

Allow your eyes to explore these wonderful activities that display the artistic talents that have come to and reside in Hope!

Do the Hope Art Walk: Hope is packed full of delightful art ranging from local creations in a plethora of mediums to chainsaw carvings from world-class carvers! Take the Hope Art Walk and discover all the beautiful artistry that our town hosts. Find the map here.

Rambo First Blood Walking Tour: To all the movie buffs and fans of Rambo, did you know that Hope was the main filming location of the first Rambo movie, First Blood? To this day, we have several recognizable backgrounds and settings of the film meaning you can still immerse yourself in the movie’s magic! Find the guide here or in the latest HCC Visitor Guide.

For Those with Neurological Disabilities

And if you or a loved one may prefer visiting HCC with minimal stimulants in their surroundings, here are a few tips to avoid the high volumes of visitors that we expect this spring and summer.

  • Visit us on weekdays. We experience higher volumes of visitors on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Try visiting us earlier in the week and you’ll likely find a quieter environment.
  • Visit early in the morning. Volumes of visitors tend to be lower earlier in the morning and progressively grow as the sun shines brighter through the day.
  • Call ahead. Communicate with our wonderfully informative Visitor Centre staff, message us on socials, or reach out to the specific attractions you want to visit beforehand to ask about the more typically quiet times to visit.

We hope we’ve inspired you to get out and explore everything Hope, Cascades & Canyons has to offer. For even more travel inspiration, head to our Explore page by clicking the button below.